Weight Loss Story: How to Reduce Weight 10 kg in 3 Months

This time I will tell about the experience of a student in Perth who managed to lose weight 10 kg after a 3-month combining diet. Let’s follow the story!

How to reduce weight

All right, just call the student’s name Nina. Indeed she is happy with the results of her diet. She was enjoying the results of efforts to implement Food Combining to stop her obesity and even reduce it.

Nina started dieting almost 10 years ago, within three months, the size of her clothes, she is around 17 years old when doing diet, dropped dramatically, from size 12 now to 6. Her weight dropped almost 10 kilos.

“Now the mind feels open. Want to go on, want to get along with anyone. In the past, it was difficult … walking, I didn’t care too much about other people and tended to be lazy,” said Nina telling her success in losing weight, exploring self-confidence.

Fat Body Before Diet

In the past, when she was in junior high school, Nina’s body size, the youngest of 2 siblings, did look fat. At that time her posture reached 150 cm and weighed 55 kilos. Her mother has often warned Nina, be aware that her body becomes fat, watch out for the food. But Nina always doesn’t care.

“Just calm down, and if I go to university (college in Australia), it will be stressful, I will automatically be thin,” she replied confidently.

But what happened, after Nina lived in Perth, in just a month; the body is even more fat. When departing from Jakarta it weighs 55 kilos, a month later it becomes 57 kilos. It even continued to increase until one day it reached 62 kilos (159 cm high). All of that is not without cause.

“I can’t stand my appetite. The portion and type of food there was exactly Caucasian. The snack was all beige and sugar cakes, the beverage was soft drinks. “All kind of food was available,” said Nina.

So when she first came home to Jakarta after 6 months living in Perth, her body ballooned like a bundle, his mother said.

This condition makes Nina feel inferior. So the girl always dressed in a lot of wrinkles to wrap her body, also covered her jeans, which often could not be closed due to agility.

She also deliberately let her frizzy hair fall over part of his chubby cheeks, and Nina doesn’t like being photographed at that time.

Seeing the physical development of her girl like this, her mom can’t stay silent. She introduced various diet methods through books to Nina.

Nina also secretly tried various slimming drugs (for readers hope not to do it without consult to a nutritionist!). Some do pay off. Her weight dropped rapidly, for example, 4 kilos a week, but her body felt uncomfortable and briefly then rose again. Its weight actually gets heavier.

Once also Nina tried milk diet, but the results were zero. Until one day Nina’s mom invited her to meet a Food Combining consultant.

“At first she also did not believe. How just eating fruit and vegetables can reduce the body,” said the mother imitating her child. After all, finally Nina wanted to try the Food Combining diet.

“I think at that time this method was not too torturous. I can still continue to eat full,” she said.

Then Nina began to make the book Combined Food, Diet for Slim and Healthy Food written by Andang Gunawan, as her diet guide while in Perth.

Detoxification diet, Almost every day

The key is discipline, so Nina tries to tell the secret of her success.

“Obviously, breakfast can’t be without fruit. “During the day I choose the dominant menu of starch, for example, rice and vegetables, so at night I fill with the dominant menu of proteins, such as fish and vegetables,” said Nina.

Initially, Nina said, it felt heavy. Especially when doing a cleansing diet (detoxification), which is a kind of cleansing of the digestive system by consuming only water, fresh fruit or fruit juice.

Starting with ‘breakfast’ of water with a mixture of lemon water, then throughout the day Nina only ate fruit and drank juice.

You can imagine, who usually eats everything, now eating must be all rules.

Nina really can’t stop eating snacks, but this time she have to replace by fruit snacking. When the head feels dizzy, Nina adds protein intake, such as a boiled egg.

“Because of her main food, she can eat mango as well as four pieces,” commented her mother.

“I don’t like to eat vegetables; now I’m forced to eat lots of vegetables, oh … imagine. So if I eat vegetables, I all drink a lot,” Nina was amused at the tips for swallowing vegetables at that time.

At this early stage, the mother continued to monitor Nina. The trick, she diligently called to Perth just asking for the food menu.

“The results are pretty good too. If mama calls to Perth it also means encouragement to me so I can be disciplined in my diet,” commented the child.

And the results are immediately visible. In almost two months, Nina’s weight dropped 7 kilos.

Seeing this tangible result, the girl who has aspired to be a model is very excited. Sometimes so diligently, Nina detoxes almost every day, only eating fruits.

This detox lasted 3 days, only the 4th day Nina ‘broke the fast’.

Unless you face special days of ‘big meals’ such as parties or meals with family in the restaurant at night, then since noon Nina is getting ready, by reducing the portion of food.

Familiarize the Foot Combining Diet

“If you have tried, after that you can feel the results. Beside to losing weight, now every morning wake up feeling very light, clear eyes. Believe me, the white part of this eye is really white”, she said excitedly. Now FC’s eating patterns have automatically become Nina’s lifestyle, even mama’s, a brother and father. Compact.

“There are often friends who follow this diet. But when they feel the results just a little, they were satisfied, then forget the rules of her diet, eat carelessly, yes … back again weight “.

“For me, it violates the rules of Food Combining, it is taboo, because I have been troubled before. Then I have seen, the results are good, my body is well maintained,” she said, revealing the key to her success in combining, discipline.

This is the experience of Nina (not her real name) who managed to lose weight 10 kg in 3 months.  Everyone certainly has their own way of dieting according to body conditions.

Hopefully, the story above can give an idea for you!

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